Mar 282010

Our friends in Franceland have again posted a glowing review of Friendly Valley, this time in Le Cri du Coyote N°116. The translated version reads:

Although Matt Davis (piano, bass, vocal), Frank Bauer (bass, vocal) and Corey Woodruff (drums, vocal) come to us from St Louis, Missouri; Louisiana influences show in the Rock’n’Roll New Orleans style of their numbers (Make a Difference, A.F.M., and Scaredy Cat) as well as Orange Pickin’ Time and Strawberry, that mix the styles of Jerry Lee Lewis piano with a Fats Domino sax.  For good measure they add to these in The Right Direction which sounds like a 1960s Charlie Rich perked up with a Sax, a half-country/half-1960s teen rock Friendly Valley, a great waltz Grand Avenue, the melodious teen-rock Rapunzel, the slow number, Just for Fun, a la Donna, which gives you shivers as you listen to it.  Not one weak track out of the ten – pity that there aren’t more.

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